This is the fourth time my husband & I have done the 21 day SP purification & detox cleanse. But it’s the first time since our son was born over 4 years ago. We were nervous because we remembered how tired & cranky we felt initially coming off of sugar & caffeine. I spent a week prior to beginning the cleanse doing no sugar, caffeine or alcohol & transitioned into the cleanse beautifully. We both felt very supported by Mary through this entire process. We really enjoyed her daily emails & recipes. We never felt hungry or that there was a lack of healthy food options to eat. She is a wealth of information. We feel healthy & great & the weight loss is just an added bonus! We both have felt this cleanse was by far the easiest & feel that Mary’s support made all the difference! 

Torie McSwiggin

I just recently went through the Standard Process Purification program under the guidance of Mary Rasmussen and I can honestly say it was worth it.  The program is easy to follow and very comprehensive.  I learned so much about healthy habits and how to eliminate the bad foods I had been eating for so long.  I felt so good about what I was eating and drinking that I feel committed to stay on a healthy track.
As warned, the first two or three days were a bit difficult, but after that I felt very energetic and satisfied.  I followed the plan very closely and it paid off as I lost 8 pounds and 3 inches off my waist.
I absolutely believe I stayed on course to due Mary’s daily support and encouragement.  She is knowledgeable, thorough and caring.  She took the time to explain the program and was also quick to follow up with a helpful email or personal phone call.
I look forward to doing the program again in September.

Sylvia Cofer

Dear Mary, Thanks to you and Lilliana for an entertaining and informative cooking class. I think you two could think about doing a tv show together. I’d watch it for sure. The food was delicious. The ideas on healthy eating were comprehensive. I look forward to putting what I learned into practice. I’d like to come in for a consultation so I can begin a 3 week cleanse in January.

One practice of Lilliana’s that I plan to carry out is to share some of the food I make with someone outside of my household. I know that this wasn’t a suggestion but rather a good model of how to spread healthy eating to more people.

Sue Pope   12/1/12

Hi Mary!!!  Here are my TESTIMONY after I finished my Detox program with you…

I personally LOVED IT.  I did it when I most needed it.  Detox helped me to clean my body and to learn how to cook healthier and also how to use all the vegetables that are there in the supermarket that I hadn’t paid any attention to before.  It helped to drop my cholesterol and high blood pressure and I can say that made me happy to see my numbers in a regular range.

…Now things that I felt in the detox program and after:

1.-Energy Level Went from 1 to 10….10

2.-Happiness….FROM 1 TO 10…10


4.-Sleep Much Better …Like a Baby

5.-Lost 11 Pounds…Felt Sexier, and wanted to keep going which I did

6.-Want to talk about it and recommend it to all of my friends and family

7.-My Skin Glows and Looks Younger

8.-Having a Sauna Detox every week helped me to keep track, lose weight and clean my body even more

9.-I Kept taking my shakes and pills

10.-I Eat SO GOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and Plan to Continue … FOREVER!

Mary,…Thank you again for your patience and for making me a better person … because we are what we eat….

Liliana Gebran – Tramontin

Hi Mary,  After doing the Detox treatment I feel wonderful. My digestive issues are almost completely gone, the intense heartburn is totally gone and my gas & bloating greatly reduced. This was surprising as I was eating a lot of food that are Known to cause gas, like broccoli, cauliflower, lentils, etc. Also, my energy level is incredible, which was also surprising as I was not taking any coffee whatsoever and I used to heavily rely on my coffee to get my energy boost in the morning and afternoon. I also lost some weight, about 5 – 6 lbs. My husband also joined me in the detox (very sweet from him, because it made it so much easier to do it with a buddy) and he lost about 9 lbs.! I decided to do a blood test right before finishing the detox, on the 19th day, and I was amazed on my test results. In general, I have had good numbers for my cholesterol, triglyceride, but it was just incredible how much better they were after only 3 weeks just by changing what you eat.Blood Pressure: 104/62 to 92/54

Total Cholesterol: 159 to 112

HDL (good cholesterol): 71 to 57

LDL (bad cholesterol): 69 to 44

Triglycerides: 92 to 54Glucose: 97 to 88

So thank you Mary!!! We are keeping several of the good habits that we learned during the detox to have healthier lifestyles.

Elsie Urdaneta

Hi Mary!!

My detox actually goes through tomorrow, so I’m not quite, but almost finished. I only had one day w/ some slip ups but got right back on track and have honestly never felt better.  And I also felt so crappy after eating/drinking what I did that I never want to do that again – lol :)    My energy is through the roof, I got rid of headaches and most body aches.  Its really amazing!  I think my weight loss is around 7 lbs, and I’ve also seen a significant improvement in my skin.  Huge advocate of this program!

Amy Gittings

Mary, I am on the 12th day of  the cleanse and I feel awesome.  We both feel great.  Ashley lost 7 pounds and I lost 6.  Alicia shared the emails with me and they have been so helpful.  My oldest daughter Ashely lives with me so we have been on the same schedule.  Alicia started a few days before us. Thank you again for the emails and checking on me.  Hope to see you soon.

Mimi Assanuvat

“I feel wonderful, have lots of energy and really have no desire to eat any “junk” food.  I believe I have successfully kicked the Splenda addiction, and have no plan to start using it again.  The Gymnema is wonderful, as I have no sugar cravings.  Thanks for all of your assistance!  Who would have known that a Detox Program could change my life so much!”

–Sue Leen

“The importance of thoroughly cleansing the body of unwanted toxic buildup cannot be overstated.  The Pure Life Studio is a very safe, comfortable place to address such a crucial and integral function of overall health, and Mary really knows what she’s doing.  Her professionalism and personality made it so easy and comfortable.  I just finished a spa package of 4 treatments and I’ve already noticed a difference.  I’ll definitely be back for more and since it’s right next to a Yoga studio it’s a perfect complement to your Yoga practice.”

–Brad Youngblood

Hi Mary,  As a kid and all through my adult life I have had a hard time focusing.  Since doing the detox my mind is more focused on what is in front of me and my attention span is significantly greater.  My energy level is up and I do not feel lethargic in the middle of the day.  I also wake up better rested instead of feeling like I could sleep another 12 hours and that lasts throughout the day.  I’ve lost 8 lbs. and lost 3 inches all together and have one week to go. If you can just get through the first three days you will feel so much better and it isn’t really hard since you can eat as much as you want, it’s just controlling what the hand reaches for J.  I’m so glad I decided to ‘go for it’ and think it will keep me on a better track to eating healthier and keeping my weight where I want it.

–Lori Hart

 “So I weighed myself today (which I rarely do) and it seems I have lost about 5 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! Even with a few slip ups (mostly unintentional)! I was just feeling like I wanted to quit….because I was tired of making my food – now I have new motivation. I didn’t do this to lose weight but thought it would be nice if it happened…and it did.  Just thought I would share”

–J. Heather

“My detox actually goes through tomorrow, so I’m not quite, but almost finished.  I only had one day with some slip ups but got right back on track and have honestly never felt better. And I also felt so crappy after eating/drinking what I did that I never want to do that again – lol :)   My energy is through the roof, I got rid of headaches and most body aches. Its really amazing!  I think my weight loss is around 7 lbs, and I’ve also seen a significant improvement in my skin.  Huge advocate of this program!”

–Amy Gittings

“Yea – I feel great and if you ever need me to talk to someone wavering about doing the detox, let me know – I’m all for it!  It’s amazing how once you get started, the self-discipline is addictive”

–Anne Schneider

“Hi Mary!……Well once again after a detox at Pure Life I am flying high!!! I can’t tell you enough how much I needed this! I will forever be thanking Paulette for referring me to you. I feel absolutely magical. My skin is glowing, my stomach feels tighter and I just feel lighter knowing all those toxins have been expelled from my body. Thank you also for sharing your wealth of information with me!….You are an absolute joy to be around!!!”

–Nancy Miller