At the Pure Life Studio the goal is to offer guidance on options that help keep the toxin load in our bodies at a minimum.

Mary Rasmussen

Mary Rasmussen, N.D., C.N.H.P., Nutrition Counselor

Certified Natural Health Professional

Pure Life Studio’s Mission Statement is to proactively revitalize and enhance health through detoxification in a relaxed supportive environment with individual guidance and expert resources.

Why Detoxify?  It can be used as a tool to help relieve symptoms and as a preventative tool to increase overall health, vitality, and resistance to disease. Detox is a widely used treatment and concept in alternative medicine.  The Pure Life Studio offers options that include FAR infrared saunas, ozone steam facials, ozone infused essential oils, botanical detox body wraps, Oxygen facials to nourish skin with plant peptides, foot detox pads and anti-aging skin care.  Also, obtain individualized guidance through a 2 to 3 week highly effective Diet Purification Program (Standard Process™) which incorporates shakes and supplements along with a healthy diet of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and some clean meat.  This program allows the body to safely release and eliminate toxins for an incredible increase in energy, mental clarity and weight loss (5 to 12 pounds).  Many body symptoms can disappear through detoxifying the body of environmental toxins.

The leading detox principle is that illnesses can be caused by the build-up of toxic substances in the body.  Toxins from our environment, food, water and lifestyles are believed to be the reason behind many of today’s ailments and disease.

The United States Centers for Disease Control estimate that over 80% of all illnesses have environmental and lifestyle causes.

Stay ahead of the ‘tipping point’ by detoxifying on a regular basis, to prevent high levels of free radicals that can spin out of control to trigger disease or various health conditions.  We live in a toxic world but can stay very healthy and energetic when we stay proactive at prevention.  This can be accomplished through infrared saunas treatments and seasonal purification programs  (seasonal or yearly) along with other modalities.

The aims of a detox program, both with infrared saunas and diet programs are to reduce the workload of the digestive system, enabling it to perform more efficiently, and to stimulate the parts of your body that are responsible for cleansing and elimination.  Successful detoxing depends for the most part on what you eat and drink, but it can be complemented by body therapies and/or whole food supplementation to speed up the elimination of toxins, and mind therapies to help you relax and reduce stress levels.  The intention is to coax your body and mind (stress produces free radicals and depletes nutrients) to rid itself of waste, replacing it with revitalizing and nurturing foods and thoughts.

The dietary detox program improves the digestion and immune systems; reduces your exposure to toxins; and, finally, increases the actions of the liver, colon and kidneys, the main organs of detoxification for better short and long term health.  The duration of the program is generally 3 weeks long and guides you as to which organic, natural foods to add to your diet and which to eliminate.  It can help you quickly move to healthier eating patterns and reduced cravings while you lose inches.

Why FAR Infrared Saunas? Infrared heat combined with pure oxygen is a safe and natural way to cleanse your body of environmental and chemical toxins that get trapped at the cellular level in fat tissue and organs.   The infrared heat is one of the most effective means of detoxifying available today.   Dr. Oz rated infrared saunas and ozone oxygen (which is infused into the essential oils) as two of the top 10 ways to prevent aging available today.  Regular detoxification is essential to maintain health and avoid disease in this chemically polluted world we find ourselves in today.

Far Infrared Heat (FIR) is superior to conventional hot rock or steam heat because infrared penetrates nearly two inches below the skin’s surface reaching the cellular level.   FIR warms the cells and creates a type of “micro-friction” that releases toxins, which exit the body through sweating.  Recommended by holistic doctors nationwide,  sweating in an infrared sauna removes impurities faster than any other detox method -  10 times more effective than conventional saunas!  (A study measured toxin levels in sweat and found that in an infrared sauna, the average person sweats out 20% toxins and 80% water! In conventional saunas the average person sweats out 3% toxins and 97% water).

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Sauna Therapeutic Benefits:

Infrared saunas are such an easy option for those who want to be healthy but want to be pampered at the same time.  Many medi-spas and holistic centers have incorporated the use of the infrared saunas into their practice because it is so effective, safe and user friendly.  We have taken infrared heat a step further by having the option to coat the body with ozone-infused, anti-aging essential oils that safely intensify the toxin removal process through the skin while it also moisturizes, prevents wrinkles and reduces cellulite (where many toxins get stored).   A new facial treatment adds plant peptide nutrients to the skin with pure oxygen for additional collagen support for a healthy glow and diminished wrinkles.

Come to relax and detoxify at the Pure Life studio where you will experience a warm and cozy atmosphere while you do something so beneficial for your health.  Our Infrared Sauna Tents (2 available at this time), envelope the body in heat while you sit with your head exposed so breathing is easy and the duration of time spent sweating can be tolerated longer for maximum detoxification benefits (usually 30 to 45 minutes).  A complimentary detoxifying facial is a bonus for a full body experience.  An ozone facial steamer is used that opens up your pores, stimulating and speeding your bodies own natural purification and detoxification process and a botanical exfoliating masque is then applied to pull toxins out of the pores.  Body hydration is essential and you are given mineral fortified water to drink while in the sauna as your hands are free to exit through zippered openings. Continued hydration is very important with any detox program and it is essential that you drink at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces per day when toxins are being released while detoxing to prevent side effects,  (i.e. a 160 pound person should drink 80 ounces of water/day).  An optional Oxygen Facial Infusion™ treatment can be applied while you cool down in a massage chair and relax for more clear and radiant skin.

Other Wellness Services:

Diet Purification Program: Personalized consultation through a diet purification program that includes the use of Standard Process™  organic and whole food shakes and supplements.  You will receive dietary recommendations (many recipes) and coaching for the 2 to 3 week cleanse period.  This health affirming treatment process is designed to bring mindfulness to your dietary routines while pulling toxins out of your body.   By committing yourself to this program you will lose weight, bring discipline through reinforced activities, change your cravings, and be more mindful about food choices and how foods impact your energy and mood levels.  Pure Life Studio services are an opportunity to detoxify out the bad things in your body and get clear thinking about what you may put into your body going forward.

Genewize DNA strandDNA Based Supplements: We offer ForU™ DNA testing by taking a simple cheek swab which accurately determines strength levels of specific DNA genes that are critical to long term health.  ForU™ then formulates a customized blend of organic, whole food supplements based on individual weaknesses to counter the propensity for disease in that particular area.  This is an amazing company with the latest cutting edge research (over 600 peer reviewed articles and the scientists are well respected in the genetic field).  The recently launched skin support products, contains 100% active ingredients and is based on DNA specific to the your skin to help boost collagen and elasticity in the skin and to minimize aging because of environmental damage.   Cost of the DNA test is now only $70.  To learn more:  call the Pure Life Studio to pick up information or to do a DNA cheek swab test (supplements have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back).


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